Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed Driving Test
I loved every moment of driving with Chris. When I was extremely nervous or struggling, Chris was calm and at ease with me which made me a more confident driver. He is such a respectful and funny guy. Thank you so much Chris for everything.

Passed 1st time
Chris has been an informative and patient driving instructor, he has been very supportive over the last four months and helped guide me to pass my test 1st time. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to pass their test.

Passed Driving Test
Just passed my driving test thanks to Chris. Being my second instructor he picked up where I was in my progress instantly and had a way of teaching in which I could understand easily and helped me improve fast. There were no issues and it was a calm environment for if I made mistakes. He also helped me find a test as it was near impossible so I highly recommend.

1st Time pass
Chris has been the best driving instructor I have ever had. I first started to learn to drive when I was 17 but due to several factors primarily bad instructors (Not very supportive and quite mean) I stopped learning. Now being 26 I started with Chris in April of this year, every lesson I had I felt like he was listening to me and truly wanted me to learn to drive, not just too pass my test but to be able to drive beyond the test standards. Chris is one of the nicest person you will meet, he is very understanding of life and treats you like a person and not money. In my past experiences when making mistakes with other driving instructors they have been rude and not constructive in feedback, with Chris he will take you through why you did what you did and how to better your driving, in a kind and well mannered way (rather than ripping you head off). So for people that are nervous or anxious to learn to drive Chris is 100% the person to teach you. I passed my test first time with 4 fault because of how Chris taught me (~ 20 hours of lessons). Price - 5* Knowledge - 5* Attitude/Personality - 5* I would HIGHLY recommend Chris! Thank you Chris for teaching me and getting me to pass first time! Cheers Josh

Sophie WHITE
Passed 1st time
Chris is a wonderful driving instructor! He is extremely calm and laid back, kind and constructive. Chris's lessons are very student led & I always felt very comfortable and confident driving with him. Wouldn't have passed my test without his guidance & support, can't recommend Chris enough! 🙌🚘

Charlie Vinteb
Passed 1st time
Chris, is a very friendly, calm instructor. To use his own words he “coached” me through my test first time. I would highly recommend him.

Driving Assessment
Hi Chris, I found today very useful thanks. I appreciated having such a well qualified instructor and found the way that you delivered your feedback to be constructive - it made me think about what I should do differently. I'm driving to Derby next week and will try the commentary on the way. Good luck with driver training! Cheers again, Jon'

Grace COE
Passed 1st time
Chris is a very chilled and experienced driving instructor, he was amazing I had a bad experience with a previous instructor, but Chris is amazing very calm and professional and absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much for all you have done !

Anastassja Herdien
Passed Driving Test
Chris has helped me with my driving massively. He is good at giving instructions and is good at explaining what he wants you to do, on top of this Chris is very friendly and easy to have a chat with. Chris not only helped me become a better driver, he helped me become confident when driving. I would highly recommend Chris as I believe that without him I wouldn't have passed my test.

Katherine Mclean
Driving Lessons
Chris was very patient and calm. During the lessons he was very informative and instructive and made me feel confident in driving, would highly recommend.

I had a previous driving instructor before moving back down South and picking up lessons with Chris. Very quickly Chris picked up how I learned and began to deliver lessons at a speed and in areas that I wanted. Within these lessons I never felt overly pressured, and even when I occasionally stalled the car, Chris would calmly get us out of it. I have always found myself looking forward to my lessons as I know they will always be productive, thorough and enjoyable. He is constructive when delivering areas to improve on and I never felt like I wasn’t progressing even during some of my worse sessions.

Chris’s background in the Police also aided dramatically with his teaching as he could provide insight into driving that I doubt anyone else could. This came in the form of stories or even pointing out things I had never considered to give me better knowledge of what was going on in my surroundings. Overall, Chris may have just been teaching students for a few months, but I would never have guessed. If you take onboard the information that Chris teaches and do the additional work that he suggests, you will come out a confident and competent driver. Sadly I am moving once again for work, when I pass my test, though, all the credit has to go to Chris.